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ESP ENERGY CONSULTANCY provides consultancy services to the global hydrocarbons industry for trading, broking, refining and transportation. With over thirty five years of experience in futures, derivatives and swaps we are one of the most senior international consultancy practices who advise on spot and term contracts across all market participants.


    A staggeringly large amount of time and misplaced effort seems to have been invested by certain people into the disposal or acquisition of key petroleum products or crude oil.

    The wasted man hours and human resources chasing up and investigating the all too numerous chancers touting Far East buying, airline seeking and general outlets for “D2” and “JP54” as well as numerous utterly fictitious crude oil sales or purchase options are mind boggling,

more especially to experts in the field of oil trading, broking, refining and general traffic of oil who are able to very rapidly identify the vocabulary and methodology of the dreamer and chancer.

    At E.S.P. Consultancy, 35 years of professional “sharp end” experience in oil refining, trading, transportation, broking as well as specialised areas such as working for Governmental projects, having some years experience as an SGS Oil surveyor, aligned to extensive experience trading and broking physical oil
products and crude as well as derivatives will enable anyone looking into the numerous projects offered and one must say, invariably having ones time wasted, to swiftly be able to know whether there is any merit or money in the proffered opportunities.

    We would, in 95% of the cases seen and tendered from the non oil business world, recommend not even having more than a five minute telephone conversation and we will be able to, fairly immediately, identify whether time would be well spent on the “deals” offered, and also offer our counsel should anything merit following up.

    We have experience in all matters petroleum derived and manner of markets, as well as extensive experience in trading, transportation and project assessments in the downstream sector, globally as well as in specialised areas such as the aviation markets and refining/ processing.

    We can be retained for term projects as well as spot enquiries, and the strength of professionalism and experience will be of invaluable benefit to any persons or organisations who place a value on their time.

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Or telephone: + 377 678 631 414
E.S.P.Energy Consultancy.
Le Soleil d’Or.
20 Bd Rainier III,
MC 98000.

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Le Soleil d’Or
20 Bd Rainier III
MC 98000

Phone: + 377 678 631 414


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